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  Showing the workshop
  Showing plant planning and construction reflects the group's long-term development, the environment clean and tidy, the air is fresh, green plant area, see renewable raw materials exposed to outdoors, completely changed the messy scene renewable resources production factory.
  In order to keep the whole factory environment, showing the efforts on environmental protection equipment, strong aspiration equipment to fully ensure the soot emissions standards, groundbreaking aluminum ash handling equipment and wash water treatment equipment, make the factory everywhere rippling water, keep up with the trend of the world environmental protection.
  Advanced factory entertainment facilities, equipped with football field, basketball court and outdoor barbecue area, the lake coffee kiosk, along the river three kilometers long protect plant also has boat fishing areas, everything from the Angle of employees.
  Showing office life space
  Showing superior office environment clean and tidy, modern management facilities, quiet and tastefully laid out and rigorous. Fully equipped with high-speed fiber-optic network, can quickly make audio and video information real-time transmission, convenient for management decision-making and management, in the office building is equipped with a first class international conference hall, equipped with multimedia broadcast system for the use of large meeting.
  Showing the factory also is a beautiful garden, especially the staff living environment, all on the basis of humanization, safe, comfortable. In order to let employees have a comfortable life space, the company is equipped with a dormitory for employees, and in the center of the construction of campus life and entertainment center, in the intense work to give the relaxation space.

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